BVC - Northern Brewers

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at
Tue Nov 9 06:56:22 PST 1999


> Northkeep
  Angus McKnochard   - Has done some wines and indicated a desire to do
                       Needs to be encouraged.
  Ulf                - Meads (I think his work schedule has intruded 
                       into the SCA over the last year. I'll try and get
ahold of him.)
  Eggswith           - New player - Beers
  Ismet              - Cordials
  Robert Fitzmorgan  - Says he has 10 gallons waiting for him to bottle 
                       "If I'll just get up and do it".  

  I know there is at least one Lady there listed among the membership of The
Knaves of Grain. Unfortunately, their site is down so I cannot put a name to
her right now.   
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