BVC - Latest list of Northern Brewers OxladeMac at
Tue Nov 9 15:46:55 PST 1999

Here tis.  Let me know if you know any more.

Oxlade      Mostly beers, working on meads and wines
Jean Paul   Mostly meads
Hamlin      Entirely meads
Angus       Thinking about doing meads
Brendon Dabbled in both beers and meads.  Wants to be more active
Leanna      Meads
Moira       Meads
Alarich     Cordials

Damon       Meads and fruit wines
Thorvald    Meads
Mercedees   cordials
Angus McKnochard    Wines, interrested in more
Ulf         Meads
Eggswith    Beers
Ismet       Cordials
Robert Fitzmorgan   ??  (has 10 gallons to bottle, though!)

Tadhg       Beers + Meads, fruit wines, cordials, vinegars, and exotics
Barat       Meads + beers
Alexander   Meads + beers

John the Tall   beer proficient, mead experimental, and a wine neophyte
Magdalena   Meads, fruit wines, Ciders
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