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> << Please! No Kumis!!!  Sampled once, never again.  
>  I'll agree with the line about the Mongols invading Europe because they'd
>  heard about wine as an alternative. >>
> Oh come on!!  Alarich made up a batch after attending Tadhg's class at 
> Northern Regional last year - it's some pretty good stuff!  He kind of messed 
> up a bit by getting the portions of everclear and milk backwards.  He's 
> retitled it "Alarich's folley."  Quite popular.

Kumis has no everclear as an ingredient. I made up some once upon a time.
Cow instead of mare, sweetened and thickened with a touch of condensed
milk, and I held back on the salt. Let it arbitrarily ferment for 2 weeks
in glass, instead of a goat skin, keeping it cool and well agitated. Those
who tried it at Stargate A&S seemed to find it odd, but drinkable.

I wonder if Gillian could get mare's milk in the spring...


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