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Patrick Cuccurello pat at
Wed Nov 10 07:29:44 PST 1999

> Kumis has no everclear as an ingredient. I made up some once 
> upon a time.
> Cow instead of mare, sweetened and thickened with a touch of condensed
> milk, and I held back on the salt. Let it arbitrarily ferment 
> for 2 weeks
> in glass, instead of a goat skin, keeping it cool and well 
> agitated. Those
> who tried it at Stargate A&S seemed to find it odd, but drinkable.
> I wonder if Gillian could get mare's milk in the spring...
> Hamlin

We will have an Arabian mare starting to live with us after
the first week of December.  In the Spring, we are planning
on breeding her.  I'll keep folks appraised if you are interested
in experimenting with some mare's milk.

When I was back East I had the pleasure of speaking to some
people who had moved here from Mongolia.  I asked them what 
they did for kumis  :)   They smiled and said that in a 
pinch, they take cottage cheese and mix it with Sprite.  Now
doesn't that sound tasty  :)

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