BVC - Northern Brewers

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at
Wed Nov 10 08:06:04 PST 1999

> You know you could cheat and use instant. Pug mentioned it 
> earlier, I believe it is called "Mare's Mate".

Unfortunately whenever these companies create "instant" anything, they
monkey around with additives which will impact the flavor of any product
fermented from them.  

> Personally, I would 
> be a little hesitant about milking a mare...especially, an 
> Arabian.
Get them breeders hobbles ready...
> > a pinch, they take cottage cheese and mix it with 
> >Sprite.  Now doesn't that sound tasty  :)
> I'm looking for a word...yummy [NOT!!]

Or (at the risk of sounding effeminate)... EWWWWW!!!!!!!!
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