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Patrick Cuccurello pat at
Wed Nov 10 09:04:08 PST 1999

> You know you could cheat and use instant. Pug mentioned it 
> earlier, I believe it is called "Mare's Mate". Personally, I would 
> be a little hesitant about milking a mare...especially, an 
> Arabian.
> > a pinch, they take cottage cheese and mix it with 
> >Sprite.  Now doesn't that sound tasty  :)
> I'm looking for a word...yummy [NOT!!]
> Tadhg

Well, If I had to lay odds on either the mare or Ronnie,
I'd probably take Ronnie....hehehe  :)
I would imagine that the instant has all the fat removed
in the process which would probably impact the flavor some.
However, I'm sure the flavor profile would be alot closer
than cow's milk.  The entire concept of naming the product
"Mare's Mate" doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence
either  :)

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