BVC - Northern Brewers chuck.ctr.graves at
Wed Nov 10 09:27:03 PST 1999

>I would imagine that the instant has all the fat removed
>in the process which would probably impact the flavor some. 
>However, I'm sure the flavor profile would be alot closer 
>than cow's milk.  The entire concept of naming the product 
>"Mare's Mate" doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence 
>either  :)

I think they try to preserve the fat's one of 
the staples for any baby. It's also supposed to be much 
higher in lactose (the recipes I have use milk with added 

Someone gave me a couple of pounds of the stuff once. I 
think it was hoped to be a mare-based bainnecor. Now, if I 
can just find the proper portion of water I should be set.


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