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Greetings Tadgh,
I'm going to get BVC on the schedule but I'd like to get some answers from
members of the group who may attend WK.  Do we want a "how to class", a
discussion group (what focus?), or do we want an everybody bring something
and lets discuss it session?  If the latter do we want to do it during class
times or following?  We could do both.  Historically, Thorvald and I have
alternated teaching a how to get started class at WInterkindom.
Unfortunately we both do long fermenting beverages (mead's and wines) and
the attendance he been thin the last couple years.  Also, that has left a
large segment of the craft essentially untended.  

Do we know enough interested people or beginners to warrant a beginners beer
class?  I'll admit that I have tons of books on the subject but I'd like to
hear from an experienced brewer as I do intend to expand my knowledge into
beers as well. 

So...another list!  Oh boy!

Potential class subjects:
- Basic Wines & Meads

- Basic Beers

- Cordials

- How to redact modern recipes from period sources.  
  Include discussion of acceptable modern replacements for period
  methods and ingredients. 

- Documentation for SCA competition.  
  [Anybody adverse to creating a listing of suggested sources?  
   Digby probably heads it.]

- Judging SCA BCV competitions criteria, etc.  
  [documenting your deviations from period methods, etc.]

- Period BVC methods and materials.

- How (       ) will impact your finished product.
  [I'm currently working on a multi-year project comparing the use 
   different yeast's on identical musts.]

- History of a specific beverage type. 
- Regional (geographic, religious, etc.) influences on beverages.  
  (Somebody what to claim this one as a personal project?)

Anybody else want to throw some possible subjects out?  And not just classes
someone can teach now but topics you'd like to see investigated or
researched in the BVC field which could be developed into course material.
Maybe someone will see something that grabs their interest.


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>      Hi, all.
>      Now that we have a fair list of the Northern Brewers, 
> who are the 
>      teachers? 
>      More to the point, who would be interested in teaching at 
>      WInterkingdom?  We managed a good course track at King's 
> College this 
>      year and WInterkingdom would be a good 
> follow-up...especially for the 
>      Northern Brewers.
>      Regards,
>      Tadhg
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