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Tue Nov 16 12:56:00 PST 1999

     Hi, Damon.
     Pug, he sounds like a recruiting volunteer. 8^)
     Good start on the list. I'd also recommend a general brewing class 
     (overview) to start things off--followed by your others:
- Basic Wines & Meads
     (you might split this into two classes)
* Fruit Wines

- Basic Beers
- Cordials
     Generally, stick to topic areas that can be covered in 60-90 minutes. 
     Some of your other suggestions tend to get absorbed in the other 
     classes like redactions, materials, sources, history, and regional 
     evolution.  Also, it can be hard to stretch those to a full hour--and 
     the class size will tend to be much smaller.
     You mentioned the class size was dwindling lately.  Don't be 
     concerned.  It's a function of made it that day and what you were 
     scheduled against.  The best opportunity for us is to get our classes 
     in a linear progression throughout the day--and not compete.
     Some of the other topics would be great for a brewing roundtable at 
     the end of the day:
- Documentation for SCA competition.  
  [Anybody adverse to creating a listing of suggested sources?  
   Digby probably heads it.]
- Judging SCA BCV competitions criteria, etc.  
  [documenting your deviations from period methods, etc.]
     and you could add:
* Our judging standards vs. other kingdoms/guilds

* Mead: to cook or not to cook?

* Vintners and Mazers: Artists or Chemists?
     Of course, that should probably be roundtable/tasting.
     Just some thoughts,

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