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Tue Nov 16 17:22:28 PST 1999

Howdy Damon, Tadhg, and all

The discussions on winter kingdom all sound good to me.  I have not problem 
at all trying to spread the knowledge and teach as many people as possible 
about brewing.  Heck, I'm the eternal promoter of brewing bliss!  We've 
thrown out lots of ideas, and I'd be happy to teach whatever I feel competent 
to teach.  

When I put out the plea for some sort of Northern regional brew day, however, 
I was trying to feel out/set up some sort of gathering of those that already 
knew something about brewing so that we may exchange ideas and knowledge.  
I've made more than my share of bad batches.  I have learned, but it has all 
been on my own through trial and error - probably some of the same errors 
that everyone else has made!  What I intended was to set up some sort of 
symposium or hands on brew day where we traded tips and techniques, where we 
had a tasting session and discussed what caused/could have caused particular 
attributes of each beverage, and where we could try to learn from each other.

Again, I have no problem at all with teaching new people.  Indeed, I'll 
volunteer to recruit new brewers every chance I get!  I'll teach in the rain, 
I'll teach on a plane.  I'll teach in the car, I'll teach in the bar.  I'll 
teach at my house, I'll teach to a mouse.  I'll teach teach teach teach 
teach!!!!  And it also sounds like we'd be doing some intermediate and more 
advanced classes.  Some of the classes already mentioned sound like they 
would be targeting a somewhat experienced audience (judging, history, 
documentation, period methods and materials, and redacting classes would all 
do so.)  If so, great!  I'm all for it.  

I'll stop whining now.

Oh, and to answer Damon's question 
>>Anybody else want to throw some possible subjects out?  And not just classes
someone can teach now but topics you'd like to see investigated or
researched in the BVC field which could be developed into course material.
Maybe someone will see something that grabs their interest.<<

I'd like to either take or teach a class on gruit ales.  If I'm teaching, I'd 
REALLY learn the stuff, which would be OK by me (it would force me to do lots 
of reasearch and testing - oh twist my arm :)  

I'd like to see some classes on intermediate mead, wine, and cider making - 
i.e. for those who have done it, but would like to compare and discuss notes 
- what works, what doesn't, ect...

And now for the abstract:

I'd like to either take or teach a class on grain malting - same reasoning as 
above.  However, I'm thinking my interests might be way out in left field 
(i.e. how many other brewers would really care?)  Dito with decoction 
mashing, hop history, and non-barley based beers.


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