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Wed Nov 17 11:08:18 PST 1999

>Tadgh wrote:
>      Pug, he sounds like a recruiting volunteer. 8^)
LOL, been there, done that.  Just ask the wife.  <:-)  As soon as a
discussion turns to BVC she knows I'm locked in place for a couple hours.
> - Basic Wines & Mead's
>      (you might split this into two classes)
There is a good topic for discussion.  Are wines and mead's really
different?  I'm of the opinion that they're not.  
The process is essentially identical and therefore as an overall class they
belong together.  Ditto your suggestion of splitting out fruit wines.
Grapes are fruit, berries are fruit, etc.  The distinction, as with mead's,
is the primary source of your fermentable sugars.  
> * Fruit Wines
>      Generally, stick to topic areas that can be covered in 
> 60-90 minutes. 
60 min. seems to work best unless you have a hands on scheduled.  If all the
other classes are 60's and you schedule a 90 people will be entering/leaving
in the middle on you.

>      Some of your other suggestions tend to get absorbed in the other 
>      classes like redaction's, materials, sources, history, 
> and regional 
>      evolution.  
Very true for entry level.  How about the experienced people?   I attended a
class on reductions a while back that turned out to be a lot of fun and it
ran a lot longer than scheduled.  But it was definitely for the serious

>Also, it can be hard to stretch those to a 
> full hour--and the class size will tend to be much smaller.
So?  Why can't we have classes for the hard core people as well as the
neophyte?  IF UC-Davis can make a four year degree program out of it why
can't we make a couple hour long classes?  I mean...come many
SCAdians do you know who have a running their mouths?   

>      You mentioned the class size was dwindling lately.  Don't be 
>      concerned.  It's a function of made it that day and what 
> you were 
>      scheduled against.  The best opportunity for us is to 
> get our classes 
>      in a linear progression throughout the day--and not compete.
Hmm. Pug! He sounds like volunteer class organizer.     ....gotya
So, Ox pitched in a beer, beer, beer class.  I'm willing to do beginning
wines & mead's again as well. And we'll reserve time for a round table.
Anyone else?  I still like the idea of an everybody bring some and we'll
discuss it while we imbibe it session.  

We could make this an open recruiting session as long as we state that we're
not hosting a party for folks to get drunk on.  People who might like to get
started on their own are welcome to come by and see what's possible while
they visit with us.  I'll even bring my merchant basket of basic chemicals
and tools.


"Veni, Coqui, Bibimus"
 I came, I brewed, We drank
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