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Wed Nov 17 12:31:21 PST 1999

"Niewoehner, Hugh" wrote:

> > - Basic Wines & Mead's
> >      (you might split this into two classes)
> There is a good topic for discussion.  Are wines and mead's really
> different?  I'm of the opinion that they're not.
> The process is essentially identical and therefore as an overall class they
> belong together.

I beg to differ. ;>  I hot process mead and cold process fruit wines.  The
process for the two can be very, very different.  Actually, I know and
occasionally use 3 different non-grape wine making processes.  And, of course,
there are melomels when I sometimes hybridize and do both hot and cold process.

>  Ditto your suggestion of splitting out fruit wines.
> Grapes are fruit, berries are fruit, etc.  The distinction, as with mead's,
> is the primary source of your fermentable sugars.

True.  But...   Grape wines have a wide and varied history in and of themselves
and deserve the time alone.  Fruit wines as a genre interest people (or at least
me) apart from grape wines.

On the subject, can anyone point me in the direction of a roman/period recipe
for raisin wine?


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