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Wed Nov 17 13:05:31 PST 1999

     Hi, all.

>> - Basic Wines & Mead's
>>      (you might split this into two classes)
>There is a good topic for discussion.  Are wines and mead's really 
>different?  I'm of the opinion that they're not.  
>The process is essentially identical and therefore as an overall class 
>they belong together.  

     True, if you prepare meads like wines. I prepare meads like 
     beers--boil and scum.  I don't use chemicals.

>Ditto your suggestion of splitting out fruit wines. Grapes are fruit, 
>berries are fruit, etc.  The distinction, as with mead's, is the primary 
>source of your fermentable sugars.  
> * Fruit Wines
     Some of the prep work is a little different.  And most of the vintners 
     I know can fill 60 minutes on grapes.  Plus, many of the fruit wines 
     are "fortified"... they use other fermentable sugars like sugar or 
     honey because they don't have enough of their own.  Berries also have 
     to deal with high acid problems.
     Point taken on the timing of classes.
     Classes for the experienced?  The hard-core?  Hmmm...sounds good to me. 
      Like Magdalena's last class on spices.  But don't forget the masses.  
     (rah, rah, rah)

>Hmm. Pug! He sounds like volunteer class organizer.     ....gotya
>So, Ox pitched in a beer, beer, beer class.  I'm willing to do beginning 
>wines & mead's again as well. And we'll reserve time for a round table. 
>Anyone else?  

     *  Basic Brewing - a general introduction to materials, methods, 
     sources, and recipes for meads, wines, beers and cordials.
     (It gives folks a general introduction to everything without dwelling 
     on any given area.  It pretty well sets folks up for more detailed 
     classes in each of the areas...mainly a primer.)
     *  Cordials & Liqueurs - materials, techniques, and sources for 
     producing period "cordiall waters" (and the fruits of those labors)
>I still like the idea of an everybody bring some and we'll discuss it 
>while we imbibe it session.  
     An essential part of a brewing class.
>We could make this an open recruiting session as long as we state that 
>we're not hosting a party for folks to get drunk on.  People who might like 
>to get started on their own are welcome to come by and see what's possible 
>while they visit with us.  I'll even bring my merchant basket of basic 
>chemicals and tools.
     A tasting. I like tastings...and the chattings that go with the tastings.

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