BVC - Alcohol tolerence of yeast

Tonessa West-Crowe twest-crowe at
Wed Oct 6 11:24:47 PDT 1999

Hi, I use mostly Lalvin yeasts.  Each of these yeasts are for specific
grapes or wines, such as EC-118, I believe is for fruity wines. (I hope
I got the number right).  I also use port yeasts for a different flavor
and/or finish.  And, there are times I use Whitbread  Ale Yeast.  As far
as letting them go to the end, I usually stop the fermentation at a
certain gravity because I don't want the mead too harsh or all the
flavors that I love to dissipate due to too high an alcohol content.

Just my point of view.

Isabella of York

>>> "Niewoehner, Hugh" <hughn at> 10/06/99 01:46PM >>>
I'm trying to put together a list of different yeasts and their
characteristics.  Specifically flavor factors and alcohol tolerence. 
anybody come across something similar?  Or, have you tried running
yeasts until they quit?  


PS. Any BVC get together planned at Narom this weekend?
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