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> Hi, I use mostly Lalvin yeasts.  Each of these yeasts are for specific
> grapes or wines, such as EC-118, I believe is for fruity 
> wines. (I hope
> I got the number right). 

I have used the Lalvin yeasts also with some success.  All of the Lalvin
yeasts that I used were very strong and fast.

I have used the K1V-1116 a number of times for meads.  It did a good job and
works FAST.  It seemed to somehow diminish the honey character a bit more
than I would have liked but overall I was generally pleased with the

I have used the Lalvin D47 for a cider and really liked what I got.  The
resulting cider had a lot of apple aroma.

I used the EC-1118 once for a mead and really didn't like what I got.  The
resulting product was too dry, too hot and seemed to have a lot of the
higher alcohols present.  It also didn't have any real honey character
remaining.  I never worked up the nerve to try it again so mebbe I haven't
given it a fair chance.  The only wines I make are meads and I am not sure
that this is good choice if honey is involved.    This is a high-alcohol
dry/champagne yeast and I personally like a mead that has some residual
sweetness. I think that to the average drinker the sweetness accentuates the
less tangible honey characters in the mead.  It is a real shame sometimes
that most people can't self describe honey without "sweet".



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