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Tonessa West-Crowe twest-crowe at
Thu Oct 7 09:10:42 PDT 1999

Well for one thing I cheat.  I have a good wine filter (Buono Vino)
which extract up to 90 % of the yeast.  I notice a marked difference in
how they age when I do this.  I also add (if the wine is sweetened)
Potassium Sorbate (Sorbic Acid)  which inhibits re-fermentation.  (For
all you critics of Sorbic Acids you may read:
 and which give a good
explanation and break down of its chemical qualities and specs.)

I've had too many meads re-ferment, explode, etc. (even after waiting
two years before final bottling.)

It comes in different forms and, if you can't find it, see 
Say hello to Jim Whitely for me.


So, what's your favorite method of stopping fermentation?  Curious
minds are 

-Magdalena the curious

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