BVC - Hydrometers and cordials chuck.ctr.graves at
Wed Oct 20 09:27:58 PDT 1999

     Finally, got my mail backlog down to 1 month.  
     On hydrometers:
     If anyone is still interested in the hydrometer question, some brewers 
     in the East kingdom experimented with eggs a little while back.
     The results were in one of my copies of SCUM, and correlate "breadth 
     of a groat" to modern specific gravities.  Drop a line if you're 
     interested and I'll dig it out.
     On cordials:
     I have been able to find cordials and "cordiall waters" using either 
     distillation or steeping.  The former normally involved steeping 
     fruits, herbs, etc., in a wine and the distilling the wine.  The 
     latter involved direct steeping of fruits, herbs, etc., in grain 
     alcohol ("aqua vitae") or brandy (though rarely.)
     Someday I hope to put together a small limbeck and find out how strong 
     (proof) period "aqua vitae" was.  I imagine it will be in the 150 to 
     160 proof range but I'm not sure.

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