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     The following information is taken from Master Corwin of Darkwater,  
     "To Bear An Egge", SCUM #16 (the AEthelmearc/East Kingdom brewer's 
     guild newsletter):
        The meads were made by adding warm water, one measure at a time, 
        to a single volume of honey.  Temperature was kept at "blood 
        warm", and measurements were made visually.
        A few observations were made from the graphical data:
        1) Eggs will sink in a mead if there is not enough honey 
        dissolved in the water (5:1 and below).
        2) Eggs start to float in mead at a specific gravity of about 
        3) Eggs will float in mead if there is enough honey dissolved in 
        the water (4:1 and above).
        4) The difference in diameter between Elizabethan silver coins 
        of different values was about 1/8", which translates to about 
        10-15 points of specific gravity (a LARGER diameter means a 
        higher gravity).
        5) The difference between modern eggs of different sizes also 
        translated to about 10-15 points of specific gravity.
     I'll try to render the data from the graph.
     Grade      Gravity         Exposure
     Small      1.070           0
                1.084           1/2"
                1.105           3/4"
                1.140           1"
     Med/Lg     1.070           0
                1.084           3/4"
                1.105           7/8"
                1.140           1 1/8"
     X-Lg       1.060           0
                1.070           3/4"
                1.084           7/8"
                1.105           1"
                1.140           1 1/4"
     Gravities and proportions:
          1.070 is 5:1
          1.084 is 4:1
          1.105 is 3:1
          1.140 is 2:1
     Coins and size:
          Penny about 5/8"
          Dime about 11/16"
          2-pence about 3/4" (similar to modern penny)
          3-pence about 7/8" (similar to modern nickel)
          Groat about 1" (similar to modern quarter)
          6-pence about 1 1/8"
     That's a quick try.  I'd like to do it again myself but it hasn't 
     made it's way up the list above project #42.

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