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Six bottles of 105-year-old beer, three full and three half-full, will 
be auctioned later this month. Diver Jim Phillips received considerable 
attention last year when he drank a bottle of the beer after it was salvaged 
from a shipwreck. The ship sank on its way from Glasgow to Adelaide in 
1894 when it hit rocks off Thorn Island, Pembrokeshire. Much of the 
cargo, which included 7,500 cases of whisky and 7,000 crates of beer, 
was smashed or washed ashore. Phillips and fellow divers found eight 
pint bottles. When they surfaced, the cork in one bottle popped and 
Phillips gave it a taste. "The first thing I noticed was the very strong 
smell of hops. It certainly didn't put me off, so I took a swig," he 
said. It was then estimated that the bottle might we worth $1,600. We'll 
on find out April 29 at the Pembrokeshire Shipwreck Auction in 
Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The proceeds will go to finance this year's 
Adventurous Divers Club projects. The beer is a light ale brewed in the 
Glasgow area, and there will be no minimum bid. For more information, 
write jimphilj at
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