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Mauer, Eric eric.mauer at
Tue Apr 4 14:26:35 PDT 2000

	The wizard Pug writes:

>   I thought I'd ask a few questions to see how people feel about it.
>   1) What should a Kingdom guild provide to its members?
Resources-a place to pool information and experiences, a place to get
realistic evaluations of what you're producing (the feedback that's so
elusive in most competition), a place for the kingdom at large to go for
information on the subjects.

>   2) What should the members provide to the guild?
See above. The guild is a sum of it's people, no more, no less.

>   3) What should Local and Kingdom guilds provide to each other?
I don't see the need for both-too much deadwood in the structure for the
number of active brewers. If we're
going to have a kingdom-wide guild, local branches should be just that.
> 4) What should *not* happen in the above?
Excessive structure and political bullshit.

>   5) What can we do to promote brewing, vintning and cordialing with or
>      without a guild?
Get lots of people drunk. <grin> Publish articles, help new local brewers
get started. Share information.


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