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Magdalena magdlena at
Tue Apr 4 15:27:35 PDT 2000

Pug Bainter wrote:

> Good Morning,
>   I thought I'd ask a few questions to see how people feel about it.
>   1) What should a Kingdom guild provide to its members?

support.  fun.
I'd kind of like to see a low-profile email or web based newsletter about once
every six months.  "Here's my favorite recipe" articles, tips, that sort of stuff.
Nothing fancy unless our numbers grow enormously.

>   2) What should the members provide to the guild?

participation and expertise.  Names & groups.  Info about upcoming brewing circles
& competitions.

>   3) What should Local and Kingdom guilds provide to each other?

That's a good question.  At the moment, _I'm_ the entire Glaslyn brewers guild.
I'm hoping to increase that number to 2 or 3 people ... someday.  If I get Steppes
involved, maybe more.   In the meantime, do we consider "guilds" like me to be
members at large, or guilds, or what?  ;>

>   4) What should *not* happen in the above?


>   5) What can we do to promote brewing, vintning and cordialing with or
>      without a guild?

Have a kingdom library.  Or at least a really good source list with suggestions on
where to find books/recipes/etc.  Sponsor more circles, tastings, competitions, &


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