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Tue Apr 4 15:35:46 PDT 2000

I know that I don't post much, but (theres always a but), I agree mostly 
with Magdelena and Tuhtahl.

My specific feelings are below...

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On Tuesday, April 04, 2000 10:59 AM, Pug Bainter [SMTP:pug at] wrote:
> Good Morning,
>   I thought I'd ask a few questions to see how people feel about it.
>   1) What should a Kingdom guild provide to its members?

Experienced people contacts.  Usually what I want when brewing is someone 
to hold my hand and say "Its ok to try this" or "its worked for me" or 
"when that happened to me I did this".

>   2) What should the members provide to the guild?
Recipes.  Ability to buy things in group that we can't in singular 
(filtering system anyone?)

>   3) What should Local and Kingdom guilds provide to each other?
See #2.

>   4) What should *not* happen in the above?
I think that anything that causes more brewers should happen.  Anything 
that makes brewers leave shouldn't.
I really don't know what those things are yet, but I'll point them out when 
I see them.

>   5) What can we do to promote brewing, vintning and cordialing with or
>      without a guild?
Show people how easy it is, and be receptive to any person's first brewing 
effort.  I know I was almost SCARED the first time I tried it "What if I 
screw up" "what if nobody likes it" that it prevented me from trying it by 
myself for months.  Only when a kind man named Hamlin showed me how to do 
my first batch was I able to try things by my self.

>   I know we've talked about it in the past, but we have new blood here
>   and it's been a while. I'd like to get the brewing webpage I started
>   way back when more current and with more information from other
>   people. ( It's not been touched in a while
>   and I think it could be useful to us and other "bvc" people.
> Ciao,
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