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>  1) What should a Kingdom guild provide to its members?
Resources.  Scheduled gatherings for the education/sharing of information and 
products of its members.  

>    2) What should the members provide to the guild?
Information.  Stuff to share.  Participation in scheduled gatherings if 
possible.  Recruitment of new members to grow the art.

    3) What should Local and Kingdom guilds provide to each other?
Same as above.  It's a big network of info.

>    4) What should *not* happen in the above?
There shouldn't be any sort of ranking system.  It's not about prestige.  
It's about sharing of knowledge and enjoying the art.

>    5) What can we do to promote brewing, vintning and cordialing with or
>       without a guild?

Well, I am on a personal crusade - to educate and enlighten and attract 
people to the brewing arts.  My crusade is to convince all of those people 
that say that they don't like beer or alcohol that they have not met the 
right one.  I do not push it on people, but I aim to educate the world that 
there is much more to beer than Annheuser Busch.

What can we do to promote brewing?  Well, anyone who knows me knows that I 
will brew at the drop of a hat.  I will brew in the rain, I will brew on a 
train.  I will brew in my house, I will brew with my spouse (if I had one :)  
I will brew at the park, I will brew in the dark :)

I love to spread the word.  My biggest success at Gulf Wars was not the A&S 
competition (though that was pretty good :), It was having 12 people at my 
class!  I was jealous that Tadhg had more!  It's not teaching that is a 
problem - it's finding students.  I'm not sure if I'm really out in left 
field (i.e. who cares?) or if people are just intimidated by the whole thing. 
 I felt as Jean Paul did about it being some sort of black art.  I'm not sure.

I think the guild is a good concept - to keep up a network.  I wish I had a 
more active guild in the local area.  I've learned alot - but much of it has 
been from mistakes.  I'd like to be able to work one-on-one with other 
brewers to learn different tricks and techniques.  I've suggested having 
brew-days before, but my timing was never right.  I don't know if its just 
the timing, or if brewing is too much of a niche to make local gatherings 
impractical.  I have considered trying to start some sort of "brewer's 
collegium" at Gulf Wars, similar to the interkingdom brewers guild that they 
have at Pennsic.  We sort of tried to get one together this year, but it 
wasn't very organized.  If it was publicized, I bet there would be quite a 
bit of attendance.

As for what the Kingdom brewer's guild could do, I would suggest we try to 
organize some gatherings at different events.  Guild-sponsored competitions 
or tasting sessions would be great.  The question is which events and would 
there be enough attendance to make it worthwhile?  I understand that 
Candlemas used to be pretty good.  Are there other events that could host 
such a gathering?  Long weekends?  Would we get attendance? 

Another thought - what if we (Ansteorra brewers) sponsored some sort of 
gathering at GW?

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