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Thu Apr 6 06:24:45 PDT 2000

Hi, all.

Been too busy with Med Faire to comment (lucky you):

>  1) I'd like to see the Kingdom level competition be at LPT/Kingdom
>     A&S. This is the ideal place for us to be able to show things off
>     and more than just us see it.

All for that--I'd like to see it elevated to the status of the Kingdom
Bard...but Someone else would have to do that.  8^)

>     I'd like to see a couple other competitions throughout the year of
>     varying sizes, which I'm all for Elfsea Spring Faire being one of
>     the larger ones since it is halfway between LPT and Kingdom A&S.

Also, like to see that.  I suggest about every three months keyed around major
events (e.g., Steppes Warlord, Stargate Baronial, etc.) basically spread
throughout the year and the kingdom.

>  2) Do we actually have a need for a Kingdom Guild at this time? Just
>     because there are a few people who like the idea, doesn't mean it
>     should happen now.

I think we should for two reasons: exposure and organization. It takes no small
effort to establish anything at a kingdom level but it demonstrates our
dedication. Also, it gives us a starting point for identifying our numbers,
their locations, resources, and specialties; and, standardizing the competition

I know that "standardizing" gets some folks hackles up but it is nice to be able
to prepare an entry that doesn't take complete re-invention for each event. It
will also ultimately allow us to improve the overall judging.

I also a proponent of using the Interkingdom Brewers Guild judging forms... best
way I know to get some of our brewers prepared for their entries at Pennsic.

My two cents,

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