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Thu Apr 6 14:13:51 PDT 2000

In his earlier post Ceatta asked about a Kingdom brewing competition.  This
is something I have thought a lot about in the past few months and I think I
know what I personally would like to see.

Rather than see a single Kingdom brewing competition held in Elfsea or
anywhere else, I would prefer to see a number of competitions held
throughout the year spread out around the kingdom.  A brewer could earn
points at each competition and a running total kept.  At the end of the
Brewing year, perhaps at Kingdom A&S, the overall high-point scorers could
be recognized and something nifty awarded.  This would work something like
the IKAC, IKCAC, or the IEQC but on a Kingdom  rather than interkingdom

The real challenge here is that all of the competitions would have to be
organized similarly with the same judging criteria and same point scale.  At
the end of each competition cycle we can review what worked and what didn't
and change the details for the next year if needed.  There could be as many
competitions throughout the year as there where groups that wanted to
sponsor them and we would set some sort of minimal requirements that must be
met for a competition to be counted towards the overall combined scoring.
The requirements would be along the lines of the IKAC, etc. such as must
follow the stated rules\criteria\scoring, and must announce the competition
at least two months in advance in the Black Star (and hopefully on this

I like this type of distributed competition because;

1. it does not place a lot of burden on one group or individual to run a
bigger annual competition.

2.  It hopefully allows people to compete somewhat close to home just in
case they have trouble travelling.

3.  With the competitions spread throughout the year it means that brewers
can enter when they have something ready and at it's prime rather than
having to target a brew to be ready by a certain date for the single big

Any other ideas?


Lord Eadric Anstapa

Scott Mills	 
Scott.Mills at Compaq.Com

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