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Thu Apr 6 14:44:07 PDT 2000

"Mills, Scott" wrote:

> First, let me say that I really don't like the term
> "Judging".  I prefer "Evaluation".  "Judging" to me
> automatically brings to mind competition, or rewards and
> penalties.  "Evaluation" seems to more accurately reflect
> what I hope we are trying to achieve which I think should
> be good comments, good feedback with tips and hints as to
> what might have gone wrong and how it can be corrected, and
> praise for what is right.  Remember that there are positive
> ways to give negative feedback.

Thanks!  I was trying to explain to Ox what I like about competition, and you
summed it up for me.  ;>  Evaluation is a much better term.

<interesting judging bit snipped>

I like your thoughts, but I have one problem.  We have, in the past, had a
problem with being kept separate from the other arts.  Major A&S events have
been held at dry sites, and we've been looked at as 'different.'  As Clare
pointed out, we have a pro-brewing kingdom MoAS _now_, who smoothes our way and
guarantees wet sites, but eventually she will step down, and there is no
guarantee that the next one will feel the same way.  I like being integrated.  I
don't like being shuffled off into a side room, or having to go to a separate
    I feel that it is my responsibility to enter general competitions and to
provide feedback to the other people who enter, because exposure to the populace
at large will help educate them and possibly encourage more people to come play
with us.  General competitions mean using the general scoring sheets.  I admit,
they don't offer much in the way of real feedback for a brewer.  (I was very
disappointed in the feedback I got at KA&S.  The best feedback was from Eadric,
who was just wandering by.)  Our own scoring sheets would undoubtedly address
the various issues involved.  On the other hand, using our own scoring sheets
will differentiate us again.  Do we want to do that?


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