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Magdalena magdlena at
Thu Apr 6 14:50:06 PDT 2000

"Mills, Scott" wrote:

> IRather than see a single Kingdom brewing competition held in Elfsea or
> anywhere else, I would prefer to see a number of competitions held
> throughout the year spread out around the kingdom.  A brewer could earn
> points at each competition and a running total kept.

OK.  I'm confused?  Are you talking about a set of competitions that add up to a
high score at the end, or ones where the scores are averaged at the end?  If
totaled, wouldn't a mediocre brewer who could travel always win out?

> 3.  With the competitions spread throughout the year it means that brewers
> can enter when they have something ready and at it's prime rather than
> having to target a brew to be ready by a certain date for the single big
> competition.

More is definitely better.  So is close to home.  ;>


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