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> OK.  I'm confused?  Are you talking about a set of 
> competitions that add up to a
> high score at the end, or ones where the scores are averaged 
> at the end?  If
> totaled, wouldn't a mediocre brewer who could travel always win out?

When can work out the details but I imagined a high score at the end
from combined totals.  the more events you enter the better chance you have
of being recognized.  This encourages participation.

Yes, this means that someone who can not travel will not have as good
of a chance in the overall annual competition but they can still win 
and be recognized at the local ones.  

When annual totals are computed we can either total scores straight
from the evaluation forms OR give points for placing in the local
competitions. For instance, 10 points for a first place ,5 points for a
second, and 3 for a third.  I think I like the points for placing
better because it does tend to reward the better brewers rather than
someone who enters a LOT of bad beers.  Once again the details can be
worked out.

On the subject of the mediocre travelling brewer always winning or the
"close to home" being better you still hit another of my hot buttons so
everyone get prepared for another lengthy upcoming post so I can explain.




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