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Mills, Scott Scott.Mills at
Thu Apr 6 15:28:58 PDT 2000

Magdalena shared concerns about,

"being kept separate from the other arts"
"we've been looked at as 'different.'"
"being shuffled off into a side room, or having to go to a separate
"On the other hand, using our own scoring sheets will differentiate us
again.  Do we want to do that?"
"we have a pro-brewing kingdom MoAS _now_, who smoothes our way and
guarantees wet sites"

I in no way think we should withdraw from the traditional and more broadly
opened A&S competitions that are being held.  It is very important for our
craft and the SCA that we continue to participate in these events.  It is
also important for the brewers as individuals to participate in these
"display" type events because they get exposure to and recognition from the
greater populace for their body of work. I am only advocating that we try to
make the brewing competitions more meaningful.

As for the kingdom MOAS guarantees wet sites, I don't think that is
something they can do.  The can certainly work hard to promote and encourage
wet sites but there have to be wet sites available and local groups to
sponsor the events at those wet sites.  It is hard enough to get groups to
put bids in for some of the Kingdom events and if you REQUIRE a wet site it
will be even harder.  Additionally there is ACTIVE effort to move the
kingdom level events around to the various regions from year to year so that
people who can only play regionally still get the opportunity to attend
those events occasionally. Therefore, not only are you trying to get bids
for an event, but bids for an event within a particular region, and bids for
a wet site.  If the only people interested in hosting an event within a
region have dry sites then the events are likely to be at dry sites.

Still, it is great that the Kingdom MOAS is actively supportive of brewing.


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