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Magdalena magdlena at
Thu Apr 6 15:58:12 PDT 2000

"Mills, Scott" wrote:

>  I am only advocating that we try to
> make the brewing competitions more meaningful.

OK, I misunderstood.  I can deal with using two different sets of scoring sheets
as long as we only expect them in brewing specific competitions.

> As for the kingdom MOAS guarantees wet sites, I don't think that is
> something they can do.

As I understand it, as of right now, only sites which allow alcohol for tasting
purposes and live steel for judging purposes are considered acceptable.  It's
along the same lines as having enough space for all the tables and a place for
performance.  (Clare?  Raisya? Did I get it more or less correct?)

> Still, it is great that the Kingdom MOAS is actively supportive of brewing.

Isn't it?  ;>

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