BVC - Judging, standards, and competitions

Magdalena magdlena at
Thu Apr 6 16:44:39 PDT 2000

RAISYA at wrote:

> Yes, at least for KA&S, LPT and King's College, and she's pretty adamant
> about it.

Those were the ones I was talking about.  ;>

> I'm afraid not much can be done about having some local
> competitions at dry sites.

That's different.  Local events should be held at the sites which best meet local
needs.  If that means a dry site, so be it.

>  Or maybe dry site competitions
> would be the right place for a piece of research or a non-alcoholic drink you
> wanted to try?

Research?  You want me to write up my research?  Where's the fun in that?  ;P


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