BVC - Judging, standards, and competitions

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Fri Apr 7 08:40:46 PDT 2000

>Yes, at least for KA&S, LPT and King's College, and she's pretty adamant
>about it. I'm afraid not much can be done about having some local
>competitions at dry sites.  Just look at them like themed competitions for
>the rest of the static artisans, sometimes your art form just doesn't "fit"
>(mine almost never fit theme competitions).  Or maybe dry site competitions
>would be the right place for a piece of research or a non-alcoholic drink you
>wanted to try?
	Actually this is really a good thought.  I enjoy reading research
and while I often can't evaluate some of the more technical skill, I know
the audience well enough to be able to suggest how to get the message out
in a more positive way.  I'd like to see more research that is starting to
get done out there...  Dry site venues might be used for this....


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