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>>  5) What can we do to promote brewing, vintning and cordialing 
>>  with or without a guild? 
>Primarily make sure you are available and it is known you are 
>available to help people brew.  Make sure that on your groups 
>web pages, and within each and every monthly newsletter there 
>is a note like.
>"For Brewing/Vintning contact Lord Eadric at 281-356-5220"
>This doesn't mean that there needs to be formally regularly 
>scheduled local guild meetings but just that there needs to 
>be published contact information so that something can be 
>If you have semi-formal local guild with a person defined as 
>the guild principal make sure that they send something about 
>the guild happenings to your local MOAS to be included in 
>their monthly reports.  If there  is no formal guild then 
>when you brew personally send a blurb to the  local MOAS.  
>Usually the MOAS is looking for things to include in 
>their report.


Just a note that whomever takes it upon theirself to promote brewing in their
region really needs to make sure that word gets out, not only to those they know
would be interested, but also to those they don't know who might be.  The three
people to let know about yur upcoming brewing gathering are the A&S Minister,
the Hospitaller, and the Chronicler.
And try to give them at least a month advanced notice.  ( I realise that's not
always possible)

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