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[CAUTION:  What follows is deadly dull!]

Of course, making cordials using spirits we've already paid that would make
perfect sense...except for Oklahoma:

37-505.  Manufacture, sale, possession, etc. prohibited except as provided in

    No person shall manufacture, rectify, sell, possess, store, import into or
export from this state, transport, or deliver any alcoholic beverage except as
specifically provided in the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.  Provided,
that nothing herein shall prevent the possession and transportation of alcoholic
beverages for the personal use of the possessor, his family and guests, so long
as the Oklahoma excise tax has been paid thereon, except for beer.  Provided
that nothing herein shall prevent the making of cider or of wine, not to exceed
two hundred (200) gallons in any one (1) year pursuant to a license first
obtained from the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, by simple
fermentation and without distillation, if made solely for the use of the maker,
his family and guests.

37-506.  Definitions

    29.  "Rectifier" means any person who rectifies, purifies, or refines
spirits or wines by any process (other than by original and continuous
distillation, or original and continuous processing, from mash, wort, wash, or
other substance, through continuous closed vessels and pipes, until the
production thereof is complete), and any person who, without rectifying,
purifying, or refining spirits, shall by mixing (except for immediate
consumption on the premises where mixed) such spirits, wine, or other liquor
with any material, manufactures any spurious, imitation, or compound liquors for
sale, under the name of whiskey, brandy, rum, gin,wine, spirits, cordials, or
any other name.

Now, we have been operating on the premise that making cordials constitutes
"rectifying"...and since neither the IRS or nor ABLE Commission actually define
"rectify" (only "rectifier"), we figure we're stuck.  Of course, if the process
of rectification is something else, then we can opt out because the latter half
of the definition needs to be "for sale"...which we NEVER do.

If you've got information, I'd love to hear it.  I'd LOVE to be wrong on this

Oh, yes...Brewer License - $1,250; Rectifier License - $3,125.


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Chuck_CTR_Graves at (Chuck_CTR_Graves at said
something that sounded like:
> First, I have to pay the beer license....then, the cordial-making
> license...THEN, I'll worry about the distilling license.

Hmmmm. If I remember right, you don't need a cordial making license
since the tax has already been paid on the liquor.

Luckily in Texas, we don't have to pay to make beer/wine if we don't
want to sell it and stay under 100/200 gallons.


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