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Rectify \Rec"ti*fy\ (-f?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Rectified}
   (-f?d); p. pr. & vb. n. {Rectifying} (-f?`?ng).] [F.
   rectifier, LL. rectificare; L. rectus right + -ficare (in
   comp.) to make. See {Right}, and {-fy}.]
   1. To make or set right; to correct from a wrong, erroneous,
      or false state; to amend; as, to rectify errors, mistakes,
      or abuses; to rectify the will, the judgment, opinions; to
      rectify disorders.
            I meant to rectify my conscience.     --Shak.
            This was an error of opinion which a conflicting
            opinion would have rectified.         --Burke.
   2. (Chem.) To refine or purify by repeated distillation or
      sublimation, by which the fine parts of a substance are
      separated from the grosser; as, to rectify spirit of wine.
   3. (Com.) To produce ( as factitious gin or brandy) by
      redistilling low wines or ardent spirits (whisky, rum,
      etc.), flavoring substances, etc., being added.

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