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Mills, Scott Scott.Mills at
Wed Apr 12 12:21:35 PDT 2000

My understanding is that anything done to concentrate or increase the
percentage of alcohol is strictly forbidden under the federal codes.  This
includes evaporative distillation, freeze distillation, reverse osmosis, or
any other method.

Cordialing or the flavoring of alcohol with spices, fruits, syrups, etc.
does not concentrate the alcohol and is therefore legal.  There is little
distinction made between cordialing and making any mixed drink.  For
instance, it is perfectly legal to make your own spiced rum, flavored
brandy, or your own Irish Cream as long as in the process of doing so you
don't concentrate the alcohol.  You are just mixing drinks.

However, I am not sure if there are any state laws prohibiting ir limiting
the transport of these mixed drinks.


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