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Tue Feb 1 06:44:32 PST 2000

You could use a filter. If the clumps are big enough a coffee filter would
work. Otherwise a standard cheap water filter should do the job.

I'd suggest english or snap peas with the pod.
You want a sweet flavorful and less starchy pea than the dried split peas.
I'd lightly mash the pods and lighty crush the peas and then use them cold
like hops.


On Mon, 31 Jan 2000 OxladeMac at wrote:

> As a followup to my posts of a couple weeks back on water chemistry, I have 
> since obtained a different source of water, and figured out what I would have 
> to do to the water to get it to approximate the mineral content of water from 
> London.  One of the steps was to boil the water while airating it to 
> decompose the bicarbonate into calcium carbonate, which will precipitate out. 
>  I have done this.  It does indeed clump together.  It's suppose to fall to 
> the bottom.  Some of it does this - much of it is still suspended in 
> solution.  I did this yesterday morning.  It's been about 30 hours now.  How 
> long do I have to wait for it to clear?  
> Noonan's book said to cover it to keep CO2 from recombining with the water 
> and making the bicarbs redissolve.  I have done this too.  If I let it go too 
> long to precipitate out, I will be undoing all the work I have done so far.  
> Anyone else done this?  Do you have any tips?
> Next topic - Markham calls for "pease" in his recipes.  What type of peas 
> would these be?  Would common grocery-store split peas be close?  If not, 
> what would?  
> Thanks
> Ox
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