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Hi, folks.

Sorry for the delay...I got tangled up in politics.

Here's the recipe Ox asked for.


Sir William Paston's Mead


    7 1/2   lbs honey  (about 5 pt.)
    2 1/2   Tbsp    rosemary
    2 1/2   Tbsp    bay leaves  (about 40-45 leaves)
    2       lemons
            ale yeast


Scrape lemons with serated knife to remove peel--no pith (white part) as it will
give the mead a bitter taste.  Place 2 gallons of water in pot.  Bring to a
boil.  Add honey and skim dross. Add rosemary, bay, and lemon peel.  Cook for 30
minutes.  Remove from heat.  Pour 3 gallons of cold water into fermenter. 
Strain wort into fermenter.  Top off with remaining water to 5 gallons.  Allow
to cool.  During cooling, close container or cover mouth with a bleach-soaked
rag.  Pitch yeast and shake well.  Let work for 3 to 5 days, and bottle or keg.
Ready to serve in about 10 days.  Alcohol content is approximately 2%.


SIR WILLIAM PASTON'S MEATHE, The Closet Opened, pg. 41-42.

Take ten Gallons of Spring-water, and put therein ten Pints of the best honey. 
Let this boil half an hour, and scum it very well; then put in one handful of
Rosemary, and as much of Bayleaves; with a little Limon-peel.  Boil this half an
hour longer, then take it off the fire, and put it into a clean Tub; and when it
is cool, work it up with yest, as you do Beer.  When it is wrought, put it into
your vessel, and stop it very close.  Within three days you may Bottle it, and
in ten days after it will be fit to drink.

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