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Tue Feb 8 14:25:24 PST 2000

You know, noone's asked me that in a long time.

1) The measurements are for dry bay leaves.

2) I figured out the equivalent measurements by 
    a) crushing about 5 bay leaves
    b) measured them
    c) got two cooks to scoop out a handful of flour each
        (the two cooks were me with quite tiny hands and
         Armand, who has hands like William the Bear)
    d) measure the flour and divide by two

3) I have tried fresh bay leaves...had to cut the quantity of bay in half.

Besides, it's a wag on the bay...the size of the leaves varies a lot.

Candlemas, last year. I can't think of any other competitions, right off.


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Subject:    Re:BVC - (no subject)...except maybe small mead
Author: bvc at
Date:       2/8/00 4:09 PM

 I have a question -- How big are your hands 40-45 Bay leaves is a tad
bigger than a 2 an done half Tablespoons.  I'm cuious how you decided to
use this many.
Also have you tried fresh as opposed to dried.  I think I have judged this
and really liked it.  Especially since I was curious about the bay


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