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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Feb 9 11:09:31 PST 2000

>Isn't that like mistrusting us now. Beer is beer (stout to pale ale to lager).
>They simply used the general category. We do the same with wine...
	Hmmm, not to interfere but I tend to think like that.... I find it
a little odd when people say I brew a triple X Belgium ale to I brew beer.
Oh really what kind?  Beer is that foamy stuff with the taste or hops or
malt or slightly bitter.  Having just tried my first barley wine I find the
collective a more reasurring concept.  (grin)  It was good barley wine,
BTW....I think I'm going to try making some this year -- if we get around
to bottling THE OTHERS (grin)

>The definitions for mead, metheglin, melomel, and pymeth, are modern.
>We're the
>ones that decided standardization and classification are necessary.
	In my simple world, mead is honey wine where the predominant flavor
is honey....fruit wines flavored with honey but where the predominant is
fruit not honey is a fruit wine.....

>...and now I'm a cross-breed. Of course, I don't see how using water, honey,
>yeast, and a few herbs, yields a beer.
	I think if the herbs add a bittering element tothe combo it is
beer.  For me it's that bittering flavor from wherever it comes from.....

>As for the oxymoron, I tend to disagree considering the dramatically different
>flavors of honey...especially when making simple meads.
	Good simple meads to my mind can be either dry sweet or semi
sweet.... I believe that that is a subjective element.  I used to brew with
a friend that made her mead so incredibly sweet and her friend made one
very dry.  I liked both and felt they were both good wines...

Now kumiss on the other (grin)

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