BVC - Re: BVC: Meade instructions for beginners (fwd)

Magdalena magdlena at
Wed Feb 9 10:36:09 PST 2000

>  -- if we get around
> to bottling THE OTHERS (grin)

<snicker>  How many gallon did I see?  30?

> >The definitions for mead, metheglin, melomel, and pymeth, are modern.
> >We're the
> >ones that decided standardization and classification are necessary.
>         In my simple world, mead is honey wine where the predominant flavor
> is honey....fruit wines flavored with honey but where the predominant is
> fruit not honey is a fruit wine.....

I agree.  I call them melomels because the honey adds a significant warmth to the
flavor, while table sugar adds more of a colder, winey flavor, but once I add
fruit, it becomes a fruit wine in my mind.  What does it matter, really?

Has anyone used fructose?  How did you like it?  What did it do to the flavor?
While I'm asking questions, has anyone done wines/melomels with figs or dates?  How
was it?


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