BVC - Re: BVC: Meade instructions for beginners (fwd)

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Feb 9 13:15:22 PST 2000

>I do like the sweet meads also, but must admit that I couldn't fathom
>sitting around the list field drinking it for very long. I am currently
>wanting to learn how to make a good palatable, middle of the road mead that
>will keep.
>I guess I'm kinda interested in making the ice tea of meads :-)
 I've also tried cutting meads, wines and such with water or aparkling
water which gives you a mildly alcoholic bend without being too much.  Plus
it's period.  Most wines were slightly waters -- at least there is a number
of references to feasts with ewers of wine well mixed with water.  If you
consider the fact that they drink them rawer than we do and/or with a more
sharp flavor (sweet, sour, or whatever)  It also makes sense.....
	We do it with stuff just not usually meads.

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