BVC - Re: BVC: Meade instructions for beginners (fwd Chuck_CTR_Graves at
Wed Feb 9 13:00:57 PST 2000

>    Wouldn't we all?  ;>  I'm about to try an experiment with using stevia >to
sweeten with only enough sugar source for 8% alcohol.  The real >question is
whether the stevia will impart too much flavor.  I don't think >it would work
for meads though.  You could (blech!) add only enough honey >to get to your
desired alcohol level, add sulfites, and then add more >honey later.  If I have
my chemicals right, the sulfites should inhibit >further fermentation.

Chemistry...alchemy...not much difference.  Blech! is right.

I had a friend that once made up a quaint little contraption. It was a circular
set of straight UV tubes large enough to fit over a carboy:
    1) Let the must brew to the point you want for taste and alcohol;
    2) Slip the tubes over;
    3) Illuminate for a couple of days;
    4) Sweet, small, clear mead!

I once recommended that for beer...for about 10 seconds...then I realized what I
was suggesting---INSTA-SKUNK beer.

But it worked great for mead.



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