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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Feb 9 14:59:58 PST 2000

>Carl Chipman wrote:
>> Sulfite allergies are common enough that I worry bout it.
>I agree.  I have several friends with the problem.  I sometimes use them
>at the
>very beginning of a fruit wine that I'm cold processing, but not often even
>then.  Unfortunately, unless the yeast people do us the favor of breeding less
>alcohol tolerant yeast, chemicals and heat seem to be the only answer to a
>semi-sweet low alcohol mead.   Hmmm....  Has anyone tried chilling to drop
>out of suspension and then racking at the beginning of secondary fermentation?

If I think about it I have a friend in the College who's student use yeasts
as experiments.  Some of them also brew. (evil grin - see below)  They
might be able to give me a list of yeasts and such or have an idea of what
to do to kill off the alcohol producing buggers,

Magdalena  -- the weirdly odd mead I made with the sorghum honey was done
by killing off the yeast then adding extra honey.

Side bar - story.

Nigel(name changed to protect the innocent) told me that when he was a grad
student they all experiemented with a series of commericial and potentially
commercial yeast varieties byt making mead in the labs and drinking it.
(hey these are zoology grad students)  Well, one batch they made had the
interesting side effect of hallucinogenic yeast bodies so you got drunk and
had a altered state of reality.  Unfortunately he couldn't remember the
type of yeast that produced the interesting by product. (grin).....

who is allergic to sulphides and usually throws a slug of everclean to kill
hers off sometimes or sugar starves them.....
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