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Wed Feb 9 16:25:47 PST 2000

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<< I thought about trying to use the Sun to kill the yeast, but that didn't 
 work. I guess the amount of UV rays deposited means that it would probably 
 take weeks to use the sun, and that would be too long. Unless of course I 
 was able to spread the mead out into a thin pool, which would increase the 
 penetration by the UV and would maximize the UV energy received..... 
 hmmmm...... >>

Oxidation dude.  

My personal favorite unproven idea is to filter the little buggers out!  Let 
it go clear, use a 1/2 micron filter, then resweeten.  I haven't tried it 
yet.  I'm a gadget geek.  Someday it will be mine!

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