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<< Current plans are to do the same presentation of honeys at the Canton of
 Gates Edge brewing guild meeting in May.  If any of you are within driving
 distance of greater Stargate please consider joining us.  No date has been
 firmly set at this time but we usually shoot for the first weekend unless
 there is a conflicting event held nearby. We will be hold the day long event
 at my home in Pinehurst.  I will be happy to provide crash space as needed.
 I'll post a note to the list when we have a date set.  >>

Man, I can't justify driving 8 hours for it, but I want too!

Gulf Wars?  Think about teaching a class.  I'd bet there'd be takers.  (One 

I've got the address of the A&S class coordinator at Gulf if you want it.

Ok, now really, I'll shut up now!

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