BVC - Aluminum Pots

Magdalena magdlena at
Wed Feb 9 16:57:37 PST 2000

> The whole aluminum thing has frankly always amused me.  There are people who
> adamantly stay away from aluminum pots but think nothing of using copper
> pots, copper chillers, copper lauter/sparge manifolds, etc.  Ever notice how
> quickly copper tarnishes and how bright and shiny that copper brewing
> equipment is after use?  I am always amazed at how bright and shiny my wort
> chiller gets after 20 minutes in a wort.

I'm in search of a good copper kettle for brewing, to capture the proper period
flavor.  The best tea is made with water heated in a copper tea kettle, and I
think I might like the flavor addition of the copper.  (Besides, Ox is obsessed
with getting Markham _really_ right.)  The best fudge is made in copper
kettles.  And so on, and so forth.  I'm watching ebay as you read this, because
the new ones I've found run upwards of 100$, and the ones I liked best were
around 800$.


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