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<< The whole aluminum thing has frankly always amused me.  There are people 
 adamantly stay away from aluminum pots but think nothing of using copper
 pots, copper chillers, copper lauter/sparge manifolds, etc.  Ever notice how
 quickly copper tarnishes and how bright and shiny that copper brewing
 equipment is after use?  I am always amazed at how bright and shiny my wort
 chiller gets after 20 minutes in a wort. >>

Umm, I think I remember something about copper oxide being helpful to beer - 
like it might help the yeast in the fermentation process or something.  I 
know somewhere I read someone suggesting that If you boil in a stainless 
kettle (rather than the traditional "copper") that you should add a small 
section of copper pipe to the bottom of the kettle to get these ions.

Duh, I don't know if it helps or not, but I've got a copper tube going into 
the false bottom of my boiler.  What the hey.  Considering what I've recently 
found out has been in my city water supply, I'm not too concerned about a few 
copper ions!

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