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Gulf Wars :-)


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> >Gulf Wars?  Think about teaching a class.  I'd bet there'd be takers.  (One
> >anyway!)
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> I can't make it to Gulf Wars or I would.  You see I am going to Europe in
> April for nearly three weeks on a beer drinking/researching trip (and a
> little work).  
> Current plans for England include hanging out with the Bristol CAMRA guys,
> going to Burton-on-Trent to vist Marstons, and to Castleford to visit the
> Thomas Fawcett and Sons Maltings.  Ofcourse, all pubs and breweries in
> between are fair game.
> Then on the Oslo for the Viking ship museums and to drink some meads.
> Nothing else planned here so far except visits to local pubs.
> Finally, a week in beer heaven, Munich.  Several breweries visits planned
> tere as well as the obligatory visit to the Hofbrau.
> If anyone else has any recommendations for must-see locals in the Oslo or
> Munich areas I would really love some suggestions.
> If you had to choose between Gulf Wars and this trip what would you do?
> Regards,
> Eadric 
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