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Thu Feb 10 12:53:20 PST 2000

I also have tried to avoid sulfites because of the allergy threat.  I don't
know anyone who has an allergy to sulfites but I had rather be
safe than sorry.

I have a 0.5 micron filter setup.  If you already have a kegging setup then
it will only cost you about $30.  Filters are about $5 and good for a couple
of uses (I backflush them and store them in the freezer after use) but you
wouldn't want to use a filter first on a spiced or fruit mead and then on a
traditional mead.

I have used it on occasions where someone has asked me to have a mead ready
for a special event and the mead didn't clear in time or if it was already
clear but the yeast was still slowly working so I would get a bubble or two
out of the airlock occasionally and wanted to make sure I didn't make bottle
grenades.  The filter works well, it does not effect the color imparted from
the pigments in fruits or minerals in darker honey but it will remove any
yeast, pulp, etc. and improve clarity  

It can effect he flavor or aroma if there is a yeasty flavor or aroma from
suspended yeast or if there is fruit pulp contributing to flavor, aroma or
mouthfeel.  It won't change the flavor from honey, fruit juices, or spices.

I have used it a couple of times to make Krystal Weiss and it worked well
for this also but for other beer I have never bothered to filter.




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